How Big A Pool Table Can Fit in a Room? Buying guide

As you probably know pool tables come in different sizes of the same 2:1 rectangular shape. If you’re planning to buy one, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have a room big enough to fit a pool table, and also know what size pool table you can fit into it.

Many people don’t explore this issue thoroughly enough and assume just as long as the room is big enough to fit the table it should be fine. Unfortunately the one factor that is not being considered is the additional room required on all sides of the pool table for the player to cue the ball.

When a player cues up in pool they need to be able to move their cue stick backwards to almost its full length – depending on how much power they intend to get into the shot and what sort of shot they’re taking. Regardless, your room size needs to allow this movement, otherwise players will have to angle their cue sticks awkwardly and that is far from ideal.

It is generally recommended that wherever you place a pool table it has a clearance of at least 5 feet on all sides to allow uninterrupted and unencumbered cuing. This is due to the fact that cue sticks are generally 52 inches long which translates to about 4 feet and 4 inches.

If you like you can even allow for more space than that so that people can move around those playing pool with ease.

Knowing that a 5 feet clearance (at minimum) is required, you should be able to then estimate the different sizes of rooms that would be required for different sized pool tables. This pans out as:

  • A 9 foot by 4.5 foot pool table would need a 19 foot by 14.5 foot room
  • A 8 foot by 4 foot pool table would need a 18 foot by 14 foot room
  • A 7 foot by 3.5 foot pool table would need a 17 foot by 13.5 foot room
  • A 6 foot by 3 foot pool table would need a 16 foot by 13 foot room

It would be a good idea to measure the dimensions of your room beforehand and determine whether or not size is going to be an issue. If it isn’t then you can just go ahead and choose whatever pool table you desire, but if it is then you’re going to have to base your choices on the options that are available once you factor in the size of the room.

All in all, now that you know what size pool tables fit in what size rooms, it shouldn’t be too hard!

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